Providing quality internet & engineering services to the North Alabama area since 1998.

Guaranteed one-hour call-back time for contracted customers, or it's free.

We'll call back to your support request in an hour or less; otherwise, you won't be charged for service. And if you're a first-time customer, your first assessment visit is free.

We'll support you, whether you want a contract or not.

Instead of being a fixed-detail or fixed-rate service, we work with businesses to determine the most cost-efficient way to support them. We value our customer's time as much as we value our own.

Remote Backup & Data Protection

We offer secure remote backup of your files to our physical site, stored under lock & key, as well as a local backup on your end. You'll have two layers of protection in the event of data loss.

Local Network Implementation and Security

We'll set up your network of routers, switches, CAT5/6 lines, servers and workstations, and make sure it stays secure, with VPN implementation, encryption, and local and remote backups.

Web + Email Hosting & Web Design

We'll host your email service and website combined for $50/month, whether you want additional service or not. We will also design, fix, or make upgrades to your website for a competetive price.

Current NAVSEA Contract Holder

NAVSEA Naval Surfac e Warfare Center (NSWC) SeaPort-e contract holder CN: N00178-10-D-5949

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